LiveView Relaunch!

I've relauched my site using Phoenix and LiveView! There were several reasons that pushed me to go from a Hugo powered static site to a hosted webapp.

First, I'm most comfortable here. Although the static site was mostly easy, doing interesting things still involved a learning curve. That isn't an issue per se, but lessons I learn in the current form are far more applicable to my career.

Along the lines of the first, the deep integration with Tailwind out of the box means the Phoenix 1.7 is by default the ideal stack for me as I'd currently define it. As such, I want to use it for any project that it is even remotely applicable to. This also allows me to create and share experiments in a more direct and, well, 'live' way.

Lastly, the hosting isn't a concern for me. I've wanted to use for a while now, and this is a nice small project to experiment with. I've been in the DevOps camp for a while anyway, and most of the projects have been Elixir base, so managing an Elixir app deployment is nothing new.

The new app is up and running, and switching the domain will follow soon. I was able to take all my old posts and bring them in with minimal updates thanks to NimblePublisher. The only thing I'd like to have and don't yet is to be able to use components within the blog posts...something for the future.