Resistance to Go

UPDATE:This site was written in Hugo. Although I enjoyed it, I wanted to double down on my continued interest in Elixir.

I don't yet want to learn Go, and I can not explain why. I feel like I'd be fine having Go be my main language at work. I love what I know of the community, and have listened to and enjoyed every episode of Go Time. This site is created with Hugo, the last AWS setup I did used Caddy over NGINX. I think ngrok is one of the coolest tools ever. And yet, my desire to actually learn to write it myself is still just barely more than the mass of things I'll never actually learn.

I love Elixir, and don't foresee that interest waning anytime soon. On the surface a lot of the things that attract me to Elixir are also true of Go. Right now, I can only conclude that exactly how things work in Elixir just appeals to me more. By putting this out in the world, I hope to revisit this in the future and maybe then I'll have a better answer.