Fizz Buzz in Elixir

I've been an advocate for Elixir for some time now, but still haven't brought enough people over to write it full time...yet. An old friend of mine just started at my company, and we were discussing Elixir. By way of example, we discussed the lack of obvious (or perhaps traditional?) conditionals when writing something like Fizz Buzz. He was intrigued, but when we did a quick search, we didn't see the kind of examples I was hoping for.

Obviously, this meant I had to not only write it myself, but to then create a public gist and figure out how to embed said gist into my blog.

Turns out Github has this covered...I see little reason to even try inlining like I did in my first python mock post.

Full disclosure, I read the example given by Dave Thomas in Programming Elixir a while ago, and this is largely inspired by that memory.